Mirror Her Profile to Hook Up

"Read her profile and know her interests"

“Read her profile and know her interests”

If you want a surefire play to boost your odds with any woman into the stratosphere, listen up. Mirroring her profile is a technique that requires patience and mastery, but can have huge payoffs. If you’re comfortable generating a fresh paragraph or two of profile every time you target a new lady, this is the technique for you.

Have a Special Account for This Technique

You should always have more than one account. You can target different demographics of ladies just by the content and style of your profile. For this technique, you’re going to have to go highly specialized. Your usual profile is a wide net designed to catch a lot of the ladies on the dating site. This profile is finely targeted laser beam designed to help you lock on to a woman you want to hook up with.

To be efficient, you should always have more than one profile in operation at a time. While your main account is passively gathering interest from the ladies you can edit this side account for the woman you want to go for. No need to miss opportunities with the rest of the women.

Decide the Point of Interest

"Add some of her hobbies in your own profile"

“Add some of her hobbies in your own profile”

You’ve selected the woman you’d like to hook up with. Don’t contact her yet, just go through her profile. What sort of things does she like? Out of the things that she does like, what could you most easily hold a conversation about? Things that you don’t have to look past a couple paragraphs on Wikipedia for are perfect. Then, build your profile as someone you think she would love. If she likes Rasta music (to pick a random example) then you love Rasta music! If she majored in screen writing, you’ve got a film that you’re working on pitching. Once you know what the big point of commonality between you is going to be, you can churn out a few paragraphs for your profile that fits the persona you’ve created. Generally, you don’t want to out and out lie when you don’t have to. This profile features you, just a version of you who doesn’t hate musicals.

Reflect Her Values More than Content

If you make a profile that’s a carbon copy of hers she’s going to get suspicious. You don’t want to have all the same interests, hobbies, or goals that she does. What you want to do is match her tone. If she’s an outdoor sports enthusiast who’s mostly signing up for this site as a joke, then you’re a cross-country hiker who thinks that you’ll at least get a few laughs out of online dating. You should aim to be very similar to her without being identical. Maybe share interest in a band or something more concrete for a literal carry over.

Once you’ve created a few of these persona profiles, you’ll be surprised how easy it will be for you to churn out a few key paragraphs for your targeted profile. You don’t want to spend ages crafting these. Even the perfect persona can get turned down. Keep trying with new women and don’t let rejection slow you down.


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