What It Actually Means to Date Someone

Somewhere in the sands of time the proper idea of dating got lost. Everything got so much more serious while still being branded the same way. While everyone seems to have some sort of idea on what dating is, no one has been able to define it consistently. But basically if you put all of the ideas together you’ve got a mess, so let’s clean it up by throwing down some basics of what it actually means to date someone.

You’re Mildly Committed

"Drinking from a single glass is a sign of commitment"

“Drinking from a single glass is a sign of commitment”

When you’re dating someone you’re sort of signing a little verbal pact with a kiss. This is a person that you’re going to do abnormal things with. Kissing, sleeping together, and generally spending a crazy amount of time together isn’t something you’d do to just anyone. So declaring that, “Yes, we are dating” means that you reserve those strange habits for only the other person. Those strange habits do vary from person to person, so just to make sure that you’re not reading the wrong language, talk it over before you really start the action.

But Not Totally Committed

"You can still check out other women"

“You can still check out other women”

As we said, you are committed to the different rituals of being a couple doesn’t mean that you totally believe in all of them. You might be comfortable with the whole only kissing each other part, but don’t agree that sex with other people can’t happen. The best part of this is that that’s totally okay. Really dating a woman means that you are taking a stand to say you’re interested in her. Then, after she returns the idea, you take her out on a test drive. That test drive might end up lasting for years and years, but for a while you’re going to just want to see how things feel. The same goes for women. She might gripe or not be able to stand the way you eat. Both problems can be avoided or worked on in accord. If you just jumped into it feet first you’re going to run into small issues that could have been avoided if you only found out when you were minorly seeing each other. Then there’s the messy break up that involves the public. It rarely goes well for anyone, so keep this in place.

You’re Growing Up

This is actually entirely for yourself. When you say to the world that you have feelings for a certain woman and choose to get to know her you’re growing up. It does not matter what your age is, when you can accept the idea that you are willing to put another person’s feelings and existence in your life you change a little. You forget some selfishness and change your mindset. Then sometimes you have to break that pattern and start to move on. That moving on bit helps you keep an open mind and laid back attitude at hand when you start dating another person. Growing with another person can be the key to keeping your relationship happy after it’s solidified.


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