Why the Women You Meet Online May Be Better Matches for You

Online dating might seem intimidating at first if you are used to pub-crawling in an attempt to meet women. You might not even think it is worth it, especially if you have heard from your friends who might have had bad experiences with online dating. No matter what you’ve heard before, online dating is a great way of meeting women and one of the biggest advantages is that the women you meet are much more likely to be great matches for you. This might seem strange, but as you start to date online you will realize that you’re able to meet women who are a much better match for you. The reasons for this are simple, but you may not have thought of it before. You Can See Their Interests Right Away One of the biggest advantages of meeting women online is the use of their profile. By reading a woman’s dating profile, you can quickly and easily see what she likes and what her interests and hobbies are. You can easily avoid messaging women that you have nothing in common with. Reading profiles and finding women who have similar interests and messaging them exclusively is a great way to make sure that you meet women who you will enjoy…

No Need to Fear: Online Dating Site Myths Debunked

Unsurprisingly, online dating sites receive a ton of bad press. This is unfortunate because the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of dating sites out there that are legitimately what they say there are: a place where men can meet women online. If you’ve thought about signing up on a dating site but have shied away because of all the bad things you’ve heard, take heart. We’re going to debunk a lot of the online dating site myths so that you can proceed without fear. Online Dating is Embarrassing There was a time when this might have been the case. However, times change, and with them change the perceptions of people. It’s no longer odd or unusual for people to meet online. In fact, it’s becoming more and more the norm. Online dating has become a common alternative to meeting people elsewhere. And couples who have met online aren’t shying away from that fact but are instead are factual about it. Online dating is just another aspect to how reliant our society’s become on technology. There’s no shame in liking another person and definitely no shame to be had if you’ve met them online. Online Dating is Only for the Desperate Again, this may have been…

Dating the Modern Feminist: Don’t Ruin Your Chances

Many men want to runaway when they find out that the woman they’re interest in is a feminist. However, just because a woman is a feminist does not mean that she automatically hates men and everything that they stand for. If you aren’t familiar with modern feminist, you may imagine angry women who think that everything wrong in the world is due to men. While it is true that some feminists still feel this way, most modern feminists simply want rights to be equal for everyone. Get Your Traditional Values Out of Here One of the quickest ways to offend a modern feminist is by showing her that you still prefer traditional roles. If you’re just trying to get laid, you should definitely keep your mouth shut about where you think a woman’s place is. If she says something you don’t agree with, simply nod you head and let her keep talking. Also, you will need to keep in mind that just because she is a feminist doesn’t mean you have to abandon all of your manners or your upbringing. If you think because she’s a feminist that it isn’t necessary for you to hold the door open for her or pull out her chair, think again. While you don’t…


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