Why Pets Are a Bad Gift Idea

Once in awhile, you’re going to run across a girl that just really wants to be spoiled when you meet up with her on a hookup. This means that if you start window shopping, she might fall in love with the little puppy in the pet shop…and want you to buy it for her. First of all, this is an awful idea on about twenty levels, but for some reason, some guys fall for this and really end up buying the dog for. This sort of thing, along with any other sort of pet as a gift, is an awful idea for your hookup, and there are a lot of reasons why. You Might End Up Stuck With It Unsurprisingly, a lot of women decide later on that they really didn’t want that cute, fluffy puppy as a pet. This is why it’s usually a good idea to just never do it in the first place, because when they break off the hookups with you, they might end up shoving the dog off onto you as well. This means that you’re getting a lot of responsibility that you really didn’t want…and obviously, that’s not something that you’re really going to want to deal with. You don’t want this kind of…

Mirror Her Profile to Hook Up

If you want a surefire play to boost your odds with any woman into the stratosphere, listen up. Mirroring her profile is a technique that requires patience and mastery, but can have huge payoffs. If you’re comfortable generating a fresh paragraph or two of profile every time you target a new lady, this is the technique for you. Have a Special Account for This Technique You should always have more than one account. You can target different demographics of ladies just by the content and style of your profile. For this technique, you’re going to have to go highly specialized. Your usual profile is a wide net designed to catch a lot of the ladies on the dating site. This profile is finely targeted laser beam designed to help you lock on to a woman you want to hook up with. To be efficient, you should always have more than one profile in operation at a time. While your main account is passively gathering interest from the ladies you can edit this side account for the woman you want to go for. No need to miss opportunities with the rest of the women. Decide the Point of Interest You’ve selected the woman you’d like to hook up with. Don’t contact…

Creating the Best Dating Profile

Making sure you create the best dating profile is important to finding and hooking up with several different women. While dating profiles can be time consuming, the good thing about them is that if you make a good one, it betters your chances of picking up women almost instantly. Take Your Time Hundreds of men sign up for dating profiles and end up writing only the minimum amount of words required to make their accounts active. Usually, this involves writing a couple of sentences for each section of your dating profile. We know that some of you do not feel like filling out section after section with no guarantee that women will even be interested in you, but it is a bad move to not take your dating profile seriously. Most men go to a woman’s dating profile, look at her photos, and then they may skim over what she has written in her profile. Women do the opposite. While she may initially look at your photos, she will move on to read what you have written in your profile. Even if she doesn’t find you particularly good looking, if she feels like the two of you will be compatible after reading your profile, she will be interested in you,…


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