What It Actually Means to Date Someone

Somewhere in the sands of time the proper idea of dating got lost. Everything got so much more serious while still being branded the same way. While everyone seems to have some sort of idea on what dating is, no one has been able to define it consistently. But basically if you put all of the ideas together you’ve got a mess, so let’s clean it up by throwing down some basics of what it actually means to date someone. You’re Mildly Committed When you’re dating someone you’re sort of signing a little verbal pact with a kiss. This is a person that you’re going to do abnormal things with. Kissing, sleeping together, and generally spending a crazy amount of time together isn’t something you’d do to just anyone. So declaring that, “Yes, we are dating” means that you reserve those strange habits for only the other person. Those strange habits do vary from person to person, so just to make sure that you’re not reading the wrong language, talk it over before you really start the action. But Not Totally Committed As we said, you are committed to the different rituals of being a couple doesn’t mean that you totally believe in all of them. You might be comfortable…

Learning to Like Her Interests

One of the most difficult issues to overcome in a new relationship is the difference in interests. You love hockey and she hates it, she loves live theatre and you’d rather do anything else than be subject to it. If you’re both genuinely interested in each other, however, you’ll realize that your differing opinions on certain subjects really aren’t that big of a deal. If you want your relationship with her to move forward, you might consider relenting your stance on some issues, like the aforementioned live theatre. It might seem difficult, but trust us, if you want to move forward you’ll both need to make some changes. Appreciation Through Slow Exposure The fact of the matter is that a lot of time we learn to like things after we’ve been exposed to them for an extended period of time. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you initially hated, but after months of listening to it you gradually grow to like it? It’s the same kind of concept. You might hate the fact that she loves TV shows like NCIS but if you sit down and make the effort to watch with her, over time you might even find that you start to enjoy certain elements.…

Acting Charming Even if You Really Aren’t

When you try to meet women in bars or clubs or even through online dating services, being charming and cool is a huge aspect of making sure you have a successful conversation that will hopefully lead up to a hookup. This can be an extremely difficult and nerve wracking aspect of dating if you are not the type of guy who finds it easy to be confident and charming. Being charming is still an undeniably important trait for dating, so learning how to fake it until you make it is of utmost importance. If you follow some simple steps, you should be able to act charming even if you actually aren’t. Be Able to Poke Fun at Yourself If you are naturally shy, chances are you are going to stumble or stutter or do something else that would normally embarrass you and make you give up on talking to women at all. However, if you learn how to be able to laugh at your own mistakes instead of internalizing them and becoming anxious about them, you can come off as charming and real. Women love guys who are able to laugh at their own mistakes, since it shows they aren’t too serious or brooding. If you can poke fun at…


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