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This site filled with fake profiles from top to bottom. You'll have to take our word for it, since you might not even be able to verify it for yourself, considering how much of an absolute mess the layout is.

This is one site that just makes us shake our heads. POF.com really doesn’t seem to care when it comes to taking care of you and actually helping you meet women, and that became increasingly obvious during our POF review. This site is just incomprehensible at times, and that starts with its layout that is really, really obnoxious.


Sometimes, it just doesn’t load.

Whenever you have a site like that, it’s just not going to end up being fun for anyone. It’s not going to help you meet women, and it’s definitely just going to drive crowds upon crowds of ladies away. This means that ultimately, it’s just a waste of time.

For the most part, the main thing you’re going to see on POF.com are POF scams. That’s obviously not going to get you the dates that you want, so you should just stay away, and instead, deal with a site that actually has a coherent layout that’s going to get you the women that you really want to meet up with rather than wasting your time.

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Our Four Month Test: How POF.com Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our POF review, and during that time, we sent out 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more POF scams.

We didn’t have much luck.

From those 250 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 83 replies. This really made us upset, considering our minimum regarding e-mail turnover is usually 50%. We weren’t anywhere close to that. On top of this, not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, which means we didn’t get a single date courtesy of this horrible site.

Why POF.com Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

This site is empty, and that really makes it difficult to actually meet women on it. If you really want to meet women, you can’t do it on a site that rarely loads correctly, or a site that’s just full of fakes.

This site has all of that.

It’s just a frustrating experience to deal with, and we really can’t imagine anyone seriously being able to get this site to work for them. Someone that’s just starting out when it comes to online dating would be extremely stressed out trying to make this site work for them, and that just makes us depressed overall.

POF.com in the News

Older guys might need a boost with online dating that this article helps with, but sites like POF.com won’t change much: http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-tips-older-adults-2230931.html?cat=25

Keeping your online dating tactics smart is a great idea, though sites like POF.com seem to ruin all of that: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-date-online-smart-way-5438955.html?cat=41

POF.com Verdict – Should You Be Using POF.com for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

From the time we spent on POF.com, we were really put out and annoyed by the way the site was run. It’s also incredibly inconsistent when it comes to actually loading, which means that it’s very difficult to use. With all of that in mind, we’d never recommend this site to anyone.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one online dating site, Match.com. It’s the best of the best, and it consistently helps us meet the women that we want to date. That’s why we think everyone should give it a try at least once!

20 Responses to “POF.com Review – Why POF.com Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Tanner Clewett

    When I was asked to review POF.com for my job, I almost laughed out loud! Everyone knows that this site is a fake!

  2. Red Monkey

    This site blows in comparison to the other ones that I joined in the past year. I won’t be sticking with it.

  3. SquirrelSquirrel

    I used to like this site a lot, but now I’m positive that it’s a scam. I don’t get any replies to my messages.

  4. Foster

    Can anyone tell me whether or not POF.com is legit? I don’t want to join a fake site, I’ve done that too many times!

  5. Demetrius Eisenhart

    I thought that this site was going to be good, but it’s just a crappy as all the others out there.

  6. Federico Shupe

    I wouldn’t test out POF.com if I were you, mostly because a lot of people have gotten viruses on there.

  7. Maximum Intense Pink

    Is anyone seriously giving this site a good rating? The only way I’d score it high is if I were just joking!

  8. Greenwarm

    One review that I read from 2013 assured me that this site was good, so I joined. I made a huge mistake.

  9. Claudio

    I’ve never tried dating online, but the ladies on POF.com seem really great. I think I’m going to join this site.

  10. Cristobal Fox

    Sites like this make me sick. I don’t know why anyone joins these kinds of sites in the first place, honestly.

  11. Thurman Barnes

    I wouldn’t normally review a site like POF.com, but my friend dared me to and so I had to. Oh man, it sucks.

  12. The Goat

    I can’t believe how shitty this site is in comparison to the big sites that it tries to imitate. It’s just pathetic.

  13. Tiny Monkey

    This site is a scam, there’s no getting around it. I don’t know why it hasn’t been shut down yet, honestly.

  14. Arron

    I joined POF.com on a whim, and it had better be legit because I made a bet with my friend that I could get laid.

  15. Vaughn Keppel

    Good luck meeting women on here. They’re almost all fake and it’s not even worth the effort you put into it.

  16. Rob Reade

    I’m never going to test out any of these kinds of sites again after the terrible experience I had on POF.com.

  17. Rough Rare Reptile

    Rating this site is super easy, because all I do is find the lowest rating that I can give it, and then choose that.

  18. Tasty Empire

    Any review site from 2013 saying that this is a good site is lying to you, and was probably paid off.

  19. Brice

    When it comes to online dating, I’m totally in the dark. I’m trusting POF.com to hook me up with the right match.

  20. Herbert Day

    I hate sites like this so much, because they’re all scams and I’m always stupid enough to fall for it.


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