But iEditing Your Profile Pictures without It Being Too Obvious

Editing your profile pictures is an easy way to make sure you look your best when trying to attract women, which is sometimes not a luxury you have when meeting women in person at bars or clubs. Once you start digitally editing your pictures, you might find yourself tempted to edit them to the point where you almost look like a different person. Chances are you’ve met a woman who wound up looking completely different from her profile picture, and you know how disappointing and annoying that could be, so you don’t want to do the same thing yourself. There are ways you can edit your pictures to look better without it being painfully obvious.

Stick to Minor Edits

"Edit your pictures a little bit before posting them online"

“Edit your pictures a little bit before posting them online”

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to edit your pictures is that you should make the changes subtle so that women don’t do a double take when they meet you in person. The best method of digital correction is to make subtle changes and corrections to your appearance so that they aren’t easily spotted in real life. Smoothing out your complexion and editing out minor flaws like freckles you don’t personally like are both good methods of editing that should be subtle enough to make women more attracted to you without tipping them off that something is strange. You may even want to try edits that change some of your basic features, like straightening your nose or making it slightly bigger or smaller. As long as the edit isn’t something that drastically changes your appearance, you should be good to go.

Color Corrections Are Key

Another type of editing that you will want to focus on when doctoring your profile pictures is color correction. Sometimes photographs just don’t come out very well. Editing out red eye should be of utmost importance if you took a really good picture that just happened to wind up that way. Another good thing to try when editing is brightening your complexion, your smile, your eyes, and your hair. If you do these edits well, it will make you look much more attractive to most women viewing your profile. Edits like these will make you seem more handsome than you might have come across in the actual picture, all without making it too obvious that you edited it with digital software.

Don’t Go Overboard

"Stick to minor editing which includes contrast and brightness"

“Stick to minor editing which includes contrast and brightness”

As long as you keep your edits restricted to things that are mostly plausible, you should be fine. You might be tempted to give yourself bigger muscles or completely change the colors of your eyes or hair, but these are edits that a woman is most likely to notice and remark upon. Editing off a few pounds to make yourself skinnier should be fine, but if you wind up looking like a Photoshopped model on the cover of a glamour magazine, you can bet that women are going to find someone else’s profile to look at. Keep it mostly genuine and you will be fine.


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