Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Chase That Perfect 10

"Act like a nice guy"

“Act like a nice guy”

Sometimes you see a woman who makes you stare. She’s out of your league. She’s out of everyone’s league. George Clooney himself would have to reflect that some women are just too perfect even for him. There’s not a guy on Earth good enough to have a piece of that, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask her out.

She’s Probably Only Dated Jerks

The thing about gorgeous, 10/10, perfect women is that they often don’t have a lot of dating experience. The guys who have asked her out are probably the self-entitled jerks. You know exactly the type we’re talking about. They’re so self-centered that it never even crosses their mind that she’s too good for them. They see a pretty toy that they can show off to their friends. They think that they’re hot stuff so they ask her out without a care in the world. Sooner or later, a dateless woman is going to accept anyone who comes along.

This means that a queen among women spends years going from thoughtless, self-centered jerk to self-centered jerk. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a nice guy who appreciates her. It’s not her fault. After all, every nice guy with half a brain to his name knows that a woman like that should only be with a CEO/swimsuit model.

Or She’s Dated Losers

"Make her feel special"

“Make her feel special”

There’s one second type of guy who asks out gorgeous women. The loser knows that he’s not going to get any lower than he is. He doesn’t have any self respect left, unlike the jerk who has way too much. If this perfect 10 shoots him down, he’s not going to feel a thing. He’s got nowhere left to fall. The pretty woman, tired of always being with arrogant, successful, egotistical jerks will often accept a loser just as a change of pace.

This explains how you see gorgeous, smart, funny women working hard to buy herself and her boyfriend everything they want while he zooms around town on a moped. She does his laundry and he plays video games on the system she bought him. He does the bare minimum of “not being a jackass” for her, and she’s so grateful that he’s not like the jerks she’s dated before that she does whatever he wants.

The Worst She Can Do Is Say No

The worst that can happen when you ask her out is that she’ll say no. That is, you won’t be dating her. You’re already not dating her. Aside from a mild bruise to your ego, you’re not going to get hurt by asking her out. Why not go for it?

If you’re a nice guy, with a decent job, who will treat her right there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be asking out perfect 10s. Great looking women actually get asked out less frequently than their lesser but above average counterparts. They’re used to being arm candy for jerks, or used by losers who have no ego to be hurt if she turns them down. What really gorgeous women need is a good guy.


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