Why Your Profile Shouldn’t Read like a Resume

You want to make yourself look good. You want the ladies to know exactly who they’re dealing with when you come online. You want to talk up all your good points, showcase your accomplishments, and end the interview ASAP. Under “great weakness” you said that you “care too much.” You’re trying really hard to impress these ladies, but you’re not gunning for a job here. That’s why your profile isn’t catching the right eyes.

If You’re so Great, Why Are You Single?

You don’t want to undersell yourself. However, if you just keep piling up the great talk about yourself you’re going to have to answer this question. You’re clearly a great guy, so why haven’t you settled down with a billionaire supermodel? When you’re writing a resume the whole point is to talk yourself up. You want to leave the hiring manager flabbergasted that you aren’t already working for their competitors. That’s because resumes focus on what you’ve already done. Profiles should focus on what you’re going to do.

Flings Focus on the Future

"Write about what you are currently doing and your future plans"

“Write about what you are currently doing and your future plans”

To put this bluntly: a woman looking for a fling doesn’t care what you’ve done before. She cares about what you can do with her. If you’ve got a doctorate degree doesn’t matter. Whether you can bench press her weight doesn’t matter unless you’re also bench-pressing her. How do these skills carry over to the dates you two good go on? How do they affect the places you could go? Do they have any bearing on sex the two of you will have?

You want to showcase yourself not as a list of things that you’ve already accomplished, but as a group of rapidly approaching goals. You’re a dynamic person. Your life is going places. If she’s lucky, you’ll let a woman come with you for a little while. You’re going to make memories. Being with you will be the most fun she’s had in her life, whether it’s a night, a few weeks, or longer.

You Want to Be Accessible

"Do not list your degrees and work as you do in a resume"

“Do not list your degrees and work as you do in a resume”

The biggest problem with listing all of your accomplishments is that you’ll alienate women who haven’t done that. The ladies like knowing a man has a college degree. Start piling on every achievement you’ve ever gotten and they’re going to think you’re just a nerd. You want to make a profile that appeals to women from all walks of life. Mention your degree or degrees, but don’t linger.

By the same token, you don’t want to put together a profile that only focuses on your man’s man theme. Watching sports and drinking beer makes you more relatable to women as the kind of guy she already knows. You need to establish that, and then take it a step further to make yourself stand out. Include your accomplishments for the ladies who want a little sophistication. For the others, make sure to mention your support of a local sports team.

Your profile should always be more like a sales pitch than a resume. Keep up the dynamic energy and accessibility, and you’ll have the ladies eating out of your hand.


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