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Do you like giving money to cam girls who have no interest in dating you? Well, then this site is the right place for you, but we might recommend rethinking your approach to things.

We heard a lot about, and that’s why we tried really hard to keep an open mind about it. Unfortunately, the more we dug into it during our Cupid review, the more we ended up just being upset that anyone would think that was an actual, good site for dating.

It really isn’t.

Instead, this site just seems to be a scammer’s hub. Cupid scams are basically the meat of this site, and that means that you’re really not going to end up having a good time here…unless you like trying to date cam girls that don’t give a damn about you unless you’re paying them.


We come onto dating sites to have a good time. We don’t come onto dating sites to feel like we’re constantly being pressured into having our money stolen, but unfortunately, this is the exact sort of thing that you’re going to see on this site. It’s just not a safe environment at all.

Our Four Month Test: How Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Cupid review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more Cupid scams.

overlay screenshot

They probably were.

Judging by the fact that we only received a total of 55 e-mails in response to the 250 we sent out, we think we mostly dealt with scammers. This was very disappointing, and obviously meant that we didn’t get a single date courtesy of this horrible site.

Why Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

If you’re into cam girls, this is the site for you. Almost every single profile that we dealt with was some kind of cam girl, and that’s really not the kind of thing that anyone wants to see.

It’s just a big time sink.

The only thing this site is going to do for you is waste your time. There’s nothing here for you, and that’s a simple and honest fact that we discovered very early on during our review. in the News

Finding the right niche in online dating is important, and this article can help you in ways that simply never will:

There’s a lot of realism that you need to take in when it comes to online relationships, so read this article, and skip the crap that is feeding you: Verdict – Should You Be Using for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

We weren’t impressed by at all. There’s honestly nothing redeemable about a site that doesn’t do anything about scammers, and sadly, that’s all that this site seems to made up of.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site for online dating, It’s the best of the best, and our numbers have proven that time and time again. It really does work to help you actually meet real women and have a good time.

20 Responses to “ Review – Why Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Murray Tomlinson

    Review at your own risk. When I signed up for the site, my entire inbox was flooded with spam.

  2. Gruesome Snake

    Comparison sites are so much better than this one, so you should go for one of the bigger ones instead.

  3. Gruesome Sergeant

    I heard that this site was a scam before I joined, and I don’t know why I didn’t listen. I’m such an idiot.

  4. Douglass

    I have a hard time believing that sites like are legit, but I guess I’ll join anyway to see what happens.

  5. Dewayne Carr

    Are there people out there who actually think that this site is good? This site is the bane of my existence.

  6. Alton Mackendrick

    Test out if you want to, but I’m going to tell you right now that it won’t get you the results you want.

  7. Hilarious Cub

    Rating this site is so hard because they don’t let you go into the negatives and that’s what this site deserves.

  8. Loose Sweety

    Review sites from 2013 say that this site is amazing, but they must be lying because this is just trash.

  9. Carmen

    Dating online can be so annoying, but looks like a pretty good place to meet some really choice ladies.

  10. Anton Swartzbaugh

    I don’t trust sites like this to get me the women that I want. They always fix me up with total duds.

  11. Duane Sidower

    I read a review of once, and I have no idea how that didn’t scare me away from joining.

  12. Gravezumtouch

    In comparison to other sites, this one is a laugh. I can’t stop cracking up at how ridiculously bad it is.

  13. Brave Stallion

    I’m going to come right out and say that this site is a scam. There’s no way of getting around it.

  14. Erick

    I really want to be legit, because I signed up for it last night and really want to get laid fast.

  15. Porfirio Gregory

    I thought that this site was actually going to be good when I joined – what was I even thinking?

  16. Justin Congdon

    I wouldn’t test out if I were you. This site is really notorious for giving peoples’ computers terrible viruses.

  17. El Gargoyle

    If you’re think you’re being funny by giving this site a good rating, then I have news for you. It’s not funny at all.

  18. Freaky Mini Tumbler

    I try to do my research, but all the review sites from 2013 seemed like they were written by the same person.

  19. Gregg

    I’ve never tried online dating before, but my friends swear up and down that is the place to do it.

  20. Gilberto Roche

    Sites like this make me wish that I’d never decided to start dating online in the first place. They’re so disappointing.

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