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Just a big scam from top to bottom. You won't find a single real profile on here, and worst of all, it's clearly all the site admins' doing. They just want you to join and hand over your money, not actually meet with real women. is a study in ‘no, please, don’t do that.’ That’s because they really like to market towards men and nothing but men, and that’s because just wants people to join and give them their money. They really don’t care if you actually meet women or not.

That kind of mentality is awful.


Whenever you’re looking for an actual date, this isn’t the site that’s going to do it. During our Join-True review, we mostly wanted to jump off of a cliff at how frustrating and obnoxious it was to try and find any real women on this site at all, because most were just fake profiles.

The ratio on this site is awful, obviously. Ignoring the Join-True scams for a moment, we really just can’t stand sites that only bring men in. They don’t work, and without that intimate atmosphere, there’s no way any woman would ever want to stick around.

Our Four Month Test: How Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Join-True review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more Join-True scams.

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We weren’t thrilled.

From those 250 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 61 responses. That was a pitiful turn out, and really made us realize how bad this site was, especially when we didn’t get a single woman that wanted to go out with us. What a time waster!

Why Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

This site is full of fake, padded profiles. This means that they’re putting those profiles up deliberately, more than likely, and they don’t care at all about you actually meeting women.

It’s all a scam.

This site is just one big scam after another. If you actually think that you’re going to be able to meet women on this site, think again. They just don’t exist, and the administrators don’t care. in the News

The right Valentine’s Day gift can mean a lot to your long distance date, but sites like will never help you like this article will:

There are a ton of internet dating scams out there, and this article covers one of the common ones you might see on Verdict – Should You Be Using for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

We really didn’t like at all. It’s not going to get you a single date because real women on this site just don’t exist. That’s why we really think that you should avoid it and try anything else at the end of the day–even walking into a zoo would be better than this site.

Instead, check out It’s our number one site by far, and it really delivers what it promises. You’ll actually be able to meet women on that site, and you’ll end up having the fun that is supposed to happen when it comes to dating. Give it a shot at least once, and you’ll really end up seeing what we mean when it comes to online dating.

20 Responses to “ Review – Why Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Marquis Raub

    Don’t bother reading anyone’s review of online, because the site hires people out to write good things for them.

  2. Captain Misha Moonship

    I can’t believe how crappy this site is in comparison to the other ones I’ve been on. God, it’s just pathetic.

  3. Homeless Electron

    I’m almost positive that this site’s a scam, but I can’t prove it. Does anyone have any evidence of this?

  4. Nickolas

    I’ve been on so many sites lately that have turned out to not be legit, so I’m being cautious and looking up first.

  5. Neil Herrold

    Wow, and I was expecting this site to be good! I can’t believe I even signed up for it in the first place.

  6. Wilmer Hegarty

    Don’t test out unless you want to get a virus on your computer. My computer crashed after joining this site.

  7. Eternal Ox

    There isn’t a rating low enough for this site, and that’s me being nice! I left a much meaner review on another site!

  8. Skilled Boar

    I don’t trust any review sites from 2013. They all seem fake to me, but I might just be too pessimistic.

  9. Clint

    Does anyone know if is for dating only, or can you use it to hook up too? I really need to know before I join.

  10. Noah Moore

    Sites like this are disgusting to me. If you want to meet someone, go out and don’t mess with these scam sites.

  11. Columbus Osteen

    I was asked to review once, and I couldn’t even finish because the site was just so obviously fake.

  12. Strong Titan

    In comparison to the other sites I’ve been on lately, this one is a total pile of crap. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  13. Jockey Black

    Scam sites are all over the place these days, and this is one of them. Steer clear of it, guys.

  14. Kareem

    I’m only interested in signing up for if it’s legit, so I’m going to do a lot of research first.

  15. Basil Stafford

    This site is no good at all. It’s so difficult to use, and on top of that the women aren’t even attractive.

  16. Issac Brooks

    I would only do a test run of if I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. This site is awful.

  17. Rusty Frog

    Rating this site was simple, because I gave it a zero in every category. Seriously screw this site, I hate it.

  18. The Fox

    Don’t trust any review from 2013 saying that this site is good. It’s a lie to make the site look better!

  19. Orval

    When it comes to online dating, I’m a pro. I bet I can get laid using in no time flat.

  20. Brandon Ramsey

    I don’t even bother with sites like this at this point. They’re all just scams and I’m sick of it.

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