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If the obviously fake profiles with pictures stolen from porn didn't tip us off that this site was a scam, the fact that it constantly badgers you for credit card information would have instead.

Sites like this are just filth. The more that we dug into JustSingles.com with our JustSingles review, the clearer that became, and the more likely it was that we were going to stumble upon a JustSingles scam. This site really made us constantly be on our guard, which really isn’t something that you want to do when you’re trying to date.


It’s just unsafe.

JustSingles.com just made us feel uncomfortable. It’s plastered with fakes, and most of those fakes have some sort of fake porno picture to go along with their horribly made profiles.

If that isn’t bad enough, they will try to get your credit card information sooner rather than later…and that’s just plain unnerving. It’s really not fun to use a site and constantly have to guard your financial information. This site just really made us on edge.

Our Four Month Test: How JustSingles.com Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our JustSingles review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t JustSingles scams.

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It wasn’t worth it.

From those 250 e-mails, only a total of 7 ladies actually replied to us. We’re not even entirely sure they were all real, considering that we couldn’t get a single woman to go out with us, though. Ultimately, it was all one big waste of time after another.

Why JustSingles.com Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

This site is really nothing but a big scam after another. The fact that you end up having scammers beg you for your information the moment you sign in just makes you want to leave, and trust us, that’s definitely the sort of thing that you should do.

It’s just pathetic.

People that honestly try to make this site work make us sad. We really hope that they figure this one out soon, because it’s just not a good site.

JustSingles.com in the News

The right practical dating tips can really help you out, and that’s why we suggest reading this article and skipping out on JustSingles.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/practical-tips-dating-men-3638687.html?cat=41

The right dating strategy can really help you go a long way, so read this article and avoid JustSingles.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/dating-advice-men-3-killer-strategies-154786.html?cat=7

JustSingles.com Verdict – Should You Be Using JustSingles.com for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

We really didn’t like JustSingles.com, and for good reason: it’s just full of scammers. With that in mind, you should leave it in the dust, and never look back to a site like this.

Check out Match.com instead. It’s our number one site for online dating, and that’s why we love it. The numbers don’t lie; it’s the best of the best, and we think everyone should give it a shot at least once.

20 Responses to “JustSingles.com Review – Why JustSingles.com Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Elbert Mayers

    If I wanted to review a fake site, then I would review JustSingles.com. It’s so painfully obvious that it’s a hoax.

  2. Strawberry Vulture

    All the comparison sites are miles ahead of this one, so don’t bother and just join one of those instead.

  3. Eternal Ox

    Scam sites aren’t always easy to pick out. For instance, you’d probably never guess that this was a scam site.

  4. Gerry

    I think that JustSingles.com looks pretty legit, but I’m kind of put off by how few options there are to choose from.

  5. Jessie Henderson

    Nothing good can come of being a member on this site. All the women on here are really fake anyway.

  6. Victor Faast

    Don’t test out JustSingles.com unless you want to spend months waiting around on women who won’t ever even answer you.

  7. Green Eagle

    My rating of this site is a big, fat zero, and frankly I don’t think that it deserves even a tiny bit higher.

  8. Needless Rainbow Waterbird

    Review sites from 2013 all seem to think that this site hung the moon, but I think it’s a piece of junk.

  9. Mario

    I’m about to give up on online dating, but I’m going to try out JustSingles.com first to see if I can meet anyone.

  10. Otha Nehling

    Never trust sites like this to fix you up with women that you’re compatible with. Only the big sites know how to do that right.

  11. Arlen Overstreet

    I wouldn’t review JustSingles.com if you paid me! Not because I don’t want the money, but because I don’t feel right reviewing a fake site.

  12. Devil Captain

    If you’re looking at this site and a few comparison sites, go for one of those instead. You’ll get much better results.

  13. Dusty Cobra

    This site is just a scam, and I’m willing to fight anyone who says otherwise. This site is just a piece of crap!

  14. Edmund

    I’ve heard that JustSingles.com is a scam, but the homepage looks pretty legit to me. Maybe people are just lying?

  15. Benedict Wegley

    There’s nothing good to be said about this website. It’s so ugly that it’s not even funny and I hate it.

  16. Floyd Simpson

    I never want to test out JustSingles.com again in my life! I was so excited to meet women, but it was all a hoax.

  17. Greendex

    Rating this site is easy. It just gets a zero in every category and I move on with my life.

  18. Coffin Scattered

    I read a review from 2013 saying that this site was amazing. Um, what were they smoking and where can I get some?

  19. Carlton

    When it comes on online dating, I can be pretty awkward. I hope I can meet a nice woman on JustSingles.com, though.

  20. Renaldo Biery

    Why do people even bother with sites like this? I mean, come on now, just go for the big sites instead!


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