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Fake profiles from top to bottom, and obviously, no dates to be had from them. Why bother handing over your info to a site that will flat out lie to you to pad out their population numbers?

This site is just obnoxious. On.com is one of those sites that you have to shake your head at, and that’s because the site itself is just full of fake profiles from the very beginning. This makes for a very stressful experience, because who wants to use a site like On.com when you can use a site with real women that aren’t going to scam you?


It’s just not good.

The On scams on this site that we found during our On review are really obnoxious. They’re basically covering the site from head to toe, and that’s all to boost the site’s numbers.

If a site is lying to you about that, we have to wonder what else they’re lying about. That makes for a very disappointing, stressful experience overall, and not one we wanted to repeat.

Our Four Month Test: How On.com Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our On review, and during that time, we sent out 250 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just more On scams.

It didn’t change much.

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From those 250 e-mails that we sent out, we only ended up with a total of 92 responses overall. This was really disappointing, especially when you take into consideration we only had 2 dates arranged…and neither of them showed up.

Why On.com Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

This site is just full of fakes. They seem to broadcast it loud and clear, which means if nothing else, they’re incredibly easy to avoid. That doesn’t mean that this site is usable, though.

It’s very frustrating to use.

If you have to constantly navigate around fakes, we have to wonder what the point of the site even is. Why would you want to sit around and waste your time on a site that doesn’t have real women on it?

On.com in the News

There are a ton of online dating tips out there, and while this article might help, it isn’t going to change much with On.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-tips-men-2682024.html?cat=41

If you’re wealthy, this article can give you a few specific online dating tips, but otherwise, it’s not going to help much on On.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-rich-204272.html?cat=41

On.com Verdict – Should You Be Using On.com for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

We really didn’t like On.com. This site is just full of fakes, and that makes for a very frustrating, stressful environment overall. That’s why we’d never recommend this site to anyone that’s actually serious about the online dating scene, and that’s why we think you should stay away.

Instead, check out our number one site, Match.com. It’s fun, consistent, and easy to use, and it’ll actually get you the dates that we know that you want to have. Trust us, it’s really worth it.

20 Responses to “On.com Review – Why On.com Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Christoper Powers

    I would never review On.com if you paid me! I’ve heard that this site is just a scam, and I believe it!

  2. Zathkix

    Comparison sites are so much better than this one, you have no idea. Don’t waste your time on here, guys!

  3. Alien Cat

    This site is a scam, I’m just going to come right out and say it. It’s a scam, and it won’t get you laid.

  4. Roosevelt

    I heard that On.com is legit, but you can never be too sure with these sites so I’m doing my research first.

  5. Jeff Dale

    I wish I had something good to say about this website, but nothing comes to mind. How depressing is that!

  6. Jae Pullman

    Don’t test out On.com whatever you do! This site is notorious for giving people really bad computer viruses, so watch out!

  7. Ruthless Goldfish

    I wish I could think of a rating low enough to give this site, but I just can’t. It’s so amazingly terrible.

  8. The Horse

    All the review sites from 2013 that I found keep talking about how great this site is, but it’s just awful.

  9. Mack

    Dating online is so hard as it is, and I don’t want to mess around with fake sites, so you have to tell me if On.com is real.

  10. Alphonso Kemerer

    Sites like this will lure you in and take your money so fast that you don’t even have time to blink.

  11. Anibal Greenawalt

    Don’t bother reading any review for On.com. I heard that people will write fake articles to make it look good.

  12. Fox Maximum

    This site blows in comparison to the ones that I’m on. Come on, get with the program and join a real hookup site.

  13. Lemur Morbid

    Scam sites are so disappointing, because most of the time they look completely legit. Ugh, I’m so upset right now.

  14. Rashad

    Frankly, On.com doesn’t seem legit to me, but I’m going to try it out anyway just to be absolutely sure.

  15. Allan Osterweiss

    Good riddance to this piece of shit! I was on this site for a full year, but I am not coming back ever!

  16. David Fiddler

    My test run of On.com was really awful. Within an hour of being on here I had an inbox full of spam.

  17. White Vicious Jaguar

    Rating this site is easy! It gets a zero, and franky it actually deserves a negative rating instead, that’s how bad it is.

  18. Giraffe Rotten

    When I looked at review sites from 2013, they all said that this site would be great. I think they were lying.

  19. Carmelo

    I’ve never tried dating online, but my friends told me to try out On.com, so I think I’m going to.

  20. Joaquin Dryfus

    I don’t know why sites like this are still around, but frankly it’s pretty disgusting to me. Find a real site!


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