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This surprise favorite gave us 3 incredible dates. The customer service can't be beat, and the ladies here are one of a kind. Though a small site for now, it's attracted ladies with the best personalities we've encountered.

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect of a site like, but the more that we poked around it during our Passion review, the more excited we became. This site was surprisingly lively and exciting when it came to dating, and that’s we were really into learning more about as a whole. It was worth it, trust us on that!

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This site was just plain fun.

We didn’t really jump onto this site and expect to have as much fun as we did, but we’re glad that it panned out this way. A site like is one of those sites that we think can be a crapshoot at times…but for us, it just ended up being easy to use.

We love a site that really caters to its members, and that’s what you’re going to get here. You have an easily accessible customer service team at your disposal, and that means you’re going to be dealing with far fewer Passion scams in general. overlay img

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That kind of safety and fun combined is something that you just don’t see that often nowadays, but fortunately, this site seems to be the total package. We were really thrilled to be able to find something that performed like this, and we couldn’t wait to dive in and find out more.

Our Four Month Test: How Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Passion review, and during that time frame, we sent out 250 e-mails to women that we knew for a fact weren’t any sort of Passion scam.

We were thrilled.

From those 250 e-mails, we ended up with a shocking 192 responses. We were thrilled with these results, and really happy to see that we got well above our 50% minimum for e-mail returns. We couldn’t have asked for more from this site, but it god better.

9 women ultimately wanted to go out with us, and by the end of our review, we met up with 3 of them. These were great results, and really made us happy that we dug into this site and had a chance to review it fully. It was definitely a fantastic experience.

Two Messages That Got Great Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Emma. I couldn’t help but notice that you were really into showing Persian cats, which I think is incredibly fascinating. I’ve always loved Persians, but I’ve never known anyone that actually went to shows with them. If you’re ever in town, I’d love to meet them.”

Email 2: “Hi, Irene. I see that you’re really into saltwater fish and aquariums, and that’s just plain awesome. I’ve always wanted to get into that hobby, and I would love to be able to learn more about it from someone that’s really into it. Care to share any tips with me?”

Features That Made Shine

We were shocked to find such a good site when more people just don’t seem to be talking about it. That being said, still has a great community, and that really stands out the more that you use the site itself.

The vibe is everything.

People that use are really serious about finding someone that they want to spend time with. That means that you’re going to be on a site with a lot of real, serious people that aren’t going to jerk you around.

That kind of vibe just leads to a lot of great experiences and not a lot of lunatics. In fact, we found that most of the women on this site were just better in personality to most of the other sites we had used so far. We’re not sure what brought all the great ladies here, but it’s a plain and simple fact as far as we could tell.

This means that you’re just not going to have to struggle to find a fun, interesting lady like you might otherwise do. The more that you roll around on, the more you’ll find these kinds of women, and the more fun you’ll ultimately end up having.

Two Tips That Will Help You Stand Out on

Your hobbies are going to go a long way on this site, and that’s why it’s best to make yourself as interesting and well-rounded sounding as possible on this particular site. We highly recommend that you fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible with that in mind.

Talk about yourself.

This site is all about you and what you like. Women on here are less interested in a Casanova and way more interested in a guy that likes doing things and is interested in things.

This means that if you have weird or interesting hobbies, talk about them. The women here really seem to be into that sort of thing, and that’s why we highly recommend you take the time to go into these kinds of things on your profile when you normally wouldn’t.

These women are thirsty for it. You’re going to really be able to find someone that you enjoy being with if you go into these kinds of details, so the more you have to say, the better.

What Could Do Better

The one thing we did get sick of on this site is that there just isn’t the fastest growing membership base. While there are a lot of amazing ladies on here, we’d love to see more.

They need to advertise more.

This is something that a lot of sites need to learn how to do, and on, it just doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like. The more they advertise, the more we’re sure we’ll see the results we want.

All in all, it’s important to realize that this site is still incredible with the current membership base–we just want to see it grow even more as time goes on, and we’re sure everyone else would like that, too. in the News

While is incredibly safe, this article can still help you with a few safety tips that you might have otherwise forgotten:

Hearing other people’s experiences with online dating can really help you out, and this article might shed some insight on sites like Verdict – Should You Be Using for Online Dating?

We really loved, and it’s our number five site overall. You really can’t look away from the amazing results.

It really works.

Give this site a try. You’ll really be able to see a difference, and you’ll be having a great time while you do.

35 Responses to “ Review – Our #5 Choice for Online Dating”

  1. Bryon

    I had to review even tho I don’t normally leave reviews for these sites. I think it’s pointless, but this site impressed me so I really wanted to let ppl know it’s rly good.

  2. Arlie Merryman

    I think this site is probably the best one ever, at least in comparison to all of the other sites I’ve used in the past when I’m looking to start a relationship or hook up.

  3. Forsaken Tuba

    If the site doesn?t try to scam me out of money, I’m already going to like it. This site went above and beyond and surpassed my expectations though, so I had to leave a review.

  4. Arlen

    If you’re wondering if is legit, don’t worry. It’s not a scam or anything from what I’ve seen but then again, I haven’t used it very much just yet. I’m pretty sure it’s okay.

  5. Slimy Freak

    If there’s another site that’s better than this, let me know. I doubt there is, though, this site is so good that it would be really hard to beat it in my eyes you know?

  6. Devin

    I wasn’t going to use but in the end I decided to test it out. I’m glad I did, too, because I ended up having a really good time with some of the women I met on here.

  7. Victor Schmidt

    I rated this site the highest possible but it doesn’t seem good enough. When a site impresses you so much you recommend it to your friends you want to give it all the praise you can.

  8. Sugar Knife

    2013, in review, was an okay year. I wanted to do a lot more than I did, but I did find a great woman that I’m still seeing all thanks to the time I spent on this site.

  9. Marty

    I’m tired of the dating in real life world so I think I’m going to switch to using an online site to hook up and date. I have my eyes on right now but that’s subject to change.

  10. Sub-Ron

    I wish there was something more to say about sites like this that aren’t just dating sites, they’re ways to find people you really connect with. Sadly, I can only leave a nice comment rn.

  11. Mack deserves a good review even tho I don’t like writing them. This site is amazing and I’m glad I finally clicked sign up after being on the fence about it for a long time.

  12. Joe Moulton

    Other sites pale in comparison to this one. This is so laid-back and casual and great to meet women to hook up with and it was a real blessing in a world of ppl who only want serious relationships.

  13. Wolverine Flying

    This site isn’t a scam, has hot women, and doesn’t have fake profiles. Honestly, what more could you want in a dating site? Nothing? That’s what I thought. This site is really good if you ask me.

  14. Dwayne

    I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve been on and used for a while only to find out that they aren’t legit at all. I’m hoping that doesn’t do that to me like other sites.

  15. The Giant Raving Eagle

    Is there anything that isn’t good about this site, because I’m pretty sure there isn’t. If you want to argue that it’s bad, hit me up. I’ll prove to you that it isn’t. This site’s great.

  16. Virgilio

    Test out and find out for yourself, but I can promise that you’re going to be just as impressed as all these great reviews are suggesting that you’re going to be. Trust me guys.

  17. Erick Patterson

    I have to leave a high rating for this site for a lot of reasons, but most of all because I love that the site was easy to sign up for and actually worked without causing me stress.

  18. Duckbill Forgotten

    2013 is over and it’s time to leave reviews for the sites that made the year good. This site was definitely one of them, so credit where credit is due. That’s that and that’s all.

  19. Jonah

    I want to date a woman who is real, not some robot made by the creators of a dating site. So many sites have fake profiles and let me tell you, better not have any.

  20. The Stallion

    I’m not sure what to think of sites like this usually. This site though…this site is amazing. It redefined qualities for dating sites that I judge them on to be honest. I should have joined sooner.

  21. Derrick

    A review is in order for the wonderful site that is and I’m going to give it to them.You need to use this site. Sign up now and you can have two girlfriends like me.

  22. Henry Stroh

    There’s no comparison between this site and others bc other sites just aren’t as good. This one is in a whole separate category…it’s untouchable. No site is this good, I can promise you that much.

  23. Nervous Alligator

    I got scam vibes from this site when I started using it but I was just being paranoid. There’s nothing that’s not 100% legit about this this site. I’ve used scam sites and this isn’t one.

  24. Sergio

    This site seems legit, but appearances can be deceiving. I’m not fooled by that intimately posed couple on the homepage. I’m going to do my research on this site before I even consider signing up.

  25. Los Lama

    It’s good that I finally found a site this good. I was tired of using all those cheap lackluster ones that don’t even work for anyone. You know those sites I mean, right? You have to!

  26. Irvin

    I decided to test out after glowing praise and a recommendation from my friend. It took me a long time tho, but once I finally signed up I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner.

  27. Vance Gettemy

    If you asked me to assign a rating to this site, I would ask you what the highest rating is and rate it one higher. This site deserves all the praise it gets bc it’s amazing.

  28. Streaming Dugong

    I used so many dating sites in 2013 that I forgot to leave reviews. I remember this one though, this one was amazing in just about every sense of the word. I’m still using it.

  29. Tyler

    Dating shouldn’t be as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Hell, I’m all for casual hookups instead of dating and that’s why I’m leaning more towards using than other sites out there.

  30. Maximum Jaguar

    Sites like this are a real lifesaver when you’re tired of going to the bars every night and being introduced to women by your friends. I’m so glad I started using this one when I did.

  31. Lino

    If you review and don’t mention how hot the women on here are, you’re missing the point of what this site is all about. The women on here are so much hotter than on other sites.

  32. Dale Shick

    in comparison to other sites I think this one really knows what it’s doing. I think it’s clear the creators know what makes a good dating site and that’s why this one is so effective.

  33. Tough Torpedo

    I’m always wary of a scam when I find a new dating site but after I used this one for a while I was totally comfortable using it. That’s always a real lifesaver in a dating site.

  34. Lynn is legit, I can tell you that much. I used it a while ago. I’m not sure of anymore about it because it’s been so long since I used it though, know what I mean?

  35. Slimy Cockroach

    Life is good now that I’ve found this site. It wasn’t very good before, but I think the women I’m meeting on here are going to make everything better for my life as a whole.

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