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There's nothing safe, fun, or even remotely legitimate about this site. Cam girls and escorts run amok, with scambots buzzing everywhere, and the site admins just don't give the slightest damn about any of it.

You always hear about sites like Zoosk.com, and that’s a shame. Advertising does, unfortunately, seem to be the one thing that sites like Zoosk.com does right, but it doesn’t really seem to change much in the way of customer service. This, of course, just leads to a ton of Zoosk scams, which is something we discovered very early on during our Zoosk review.


This is where scammers come to prosper.

If you’re really out and looking for a ton of scammers, then this is the site for you. It’s just not the best idea to do that, of course, but if you want a veritable gallery of them, then you’re really going to be able to study them in their natural habit, so to speak.

We really hate being constantly watched by scammers, however. It’s just a very unsettling feeling, and you should never end up feeling like you’re constantly being watched when you’re just trying to have a good time dating. Unfortunately, this is exactly what goes on with a site like this.

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Our Four Month Test: How Zoosk.com Measured Up

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Zoosk review, and during that time, we sent out 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more Zoosk scams.

It wasn’t really worth it.

From those 250 e-mails, we only received a total of 57 replies. This was absolutely deplorable, and we really weren’t happy about not getting a single offer to meet up and actually have a date.

Why Zoosk.com Didn’t Work (Is It a Scam?)

This site is not only covered with cam girls and escorts, but it’s also covered with just a ton of fake profiles. We’re not sure if scammers put them up or if the site administrators put them up, but either way, the admins just don’t seem to give a damn at all.

It’s very unsafe.

The point is that you won’t be safe here. If that isn’t reason enough to flee the scene, nothing is.

Zoosk.com in the News

Speed dating can be a great addition to your dating arsenal, though sites like Zoosk.com really won’t be able to help you with that: http://voices.yahoo.com/speed-dating-101-1828274.html?cat=41

Online dating can be amazing, but it’s good to be realistic like this article in ways that Zoosk.com never will be: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-reality-online-dating-1364253.html?cat=41

Zoosk.com Verdict – Should You Be Using Zoosk.com for Online Dating? (Hint: No)

We really recommend that you stay the hell away from this site. There’s nothing about this place that’s safe and fun, and that means that you just aren’t going to be able to use Zoosk.com in a way that works for you.

Instead, we think you should check out Match.com. It’s our number one site for online dating, and it really works. If you try any other site out there, this is the site you should give a shot, because it’s fun, consistent, and has never failed to get us the dates that we want.

20 Responses to “Zoosk.com Review – Why Zoosk.com Just Plain Fails for Online Dating”

  1. Osvaldo Moffat

    Don’t review Zoosk.com, whatever you do. This site is notorious for spreading its users’ personal info all around the internet.

  2. ArmadilloArmadillo

    In comparison to the other sites I spend my time on, this one is a laugh, that’s how pathetically bad it is.

  3. Jockey Black

    Scam sites are so obvious these days. Don’t bother joining this one – you’re not going to meet any women.

  4. Laverne

    I think that Zoosk.com is legit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to hook me up with the right woman for me, sadly.

  5. Gerry Rhinehart

    Good riddance to this crappy excuse for a dating site! All the “women” I met on here were secretly perverted men!

  6. Buster Milne

    I would never test out a site like Zoosk.com without doing my research first, because it looks like it’d give me a virus.

  7. Black Ogre

    I can’t think of a low enough rating to give this site. It ruined my whole life and I hate it forever.

  8. Bitter Waffle

    One review site from 2013 was ranting about how great this site was, so I signed up. That was a mistake.

  9. Clarence

    Online dating seems to be the new thing, so I’m going to sign up for Zoosk.com and see where that gets me.

  10. Carmen Mcdonald

    Sites like this are all the same. They just trick you into joining and then don’t give you anything in return.

  11. Boyce Lord

    Review sites all say that Zoosk.com is amazing, but that hasn’t been my experience with it at all, which is sad.

  12. Sunny Rolling Airmen

    I hate how bad this site is in comparison to the other ones that I’m a member on. It’s really pathetic and makes me sick.

  13. Lone Pointless Lama

    This site is nothing but a scam! I hate this site and hate everyone on it. I won’t be back ever.

  14. Christoper

    I don’t know if Zoosk.com is legit, but I think I’m going to join and find it out for myself.

  15. Numbers Hardy

    There’s no good points to this site, none at all. This site is a pathetic excuse for a hookup site and it’s terrible.

  16. Jeromy Moore

    I wouldn’t test out Zoosk.com in my life. This site is known for stealing peoples’ identities and your money too.

  17. Meding

    Rating this site has been so hard because I can’t think of a rating low enough to give this site what it deserves.

  18. Ozersing

    Review sites from 2013 all rant and rave about how great this site is, but to be honest I think they’re lying.

  19. Ashley

    I can’t believe that I haven’t tried online dating before! I’m going to sign up for Zoosk.com and a few others.

  20. Margarito Stiffey

    I don’t go on sites like this anymore if I can help it. They’re all just scams anyway, so what’s the point?


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